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Project Management Plan

Brand Super  believes that a project management plan (PMP) is literally the project’s backbone. Our PMP addresses all aspects of the design/build of all facilities for the incoming projects. The plan includes all site work, utilities, site improvements, storm drain system, roads, parking, walkways, compound lighting and upgrading entry control necessary for a fully functional compound. Further, a sound PMP is actually a collection of sub plans, including the DQC plan discussed earlier. Another key aspect is our site plan. Our site plan illustrates all buildings, parking, site improvements and other items required by the contract. Our plans involve ensuring that all team members have a clear understanding of their role and the way their role relates to the overall schedule, budget, safety and functional requirements. The following discussion shows that Brand Super believes that our involvement with the National/International on the coming projects will be continuous, integrated process. In our view, this is the best way to resolve construction changes; potential delays review and approve plans, and facilitate both QC and contract completion on schedule. QC procedures, work site safety and adherence to processes and protocols for identifying issues on any of these levels and knowing what to do about these occurrences is practically ingrained in our team. PBACC’s management plan is further bolstered by a straightforward and highly effective design/build philosophy, with an entrepreneurial, yet structured and organized business process steeped in communication, proactive anticipation of potential issues and coordination for problem resolution, which emphasizes quality and safety. We invest in our team’s quality of life and longevity. We back up this commitment with a focus on their safety and security at work. We lead by example and utilize our cultural sensitivity and understanding to entice and motivate our team to work safely and assist others in working safely. In the last many years, we have logged over 20,000 hours of work, primarily for deferent projects, without a lost time incident.
We use cost–effective building systems and construction methods. We utilize the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship and employ train the trainer methodologies to improve this capacity at the professional, trade and unskilled labor levels of the organization. All designs will be submitted at the level of detail and with appropriate specifications identified in the contract. Designs will be delivered as outlined in the schedule. All site layouts will be dimensioned in meters as appropriate and other details will be presented in metric units. All drawings will be stamped and approved. Our organization plan follows.

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