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Project Quality Control Plan

Super Brand’s quality control (QC) record is a direct result of the processes, experience, and systems amassed by our team and our sincere commitment to hold our staff and subcontractors accountable for exceptional versus acceptable results. Our Design QC (DQC) Plan includes, for example: a requirement that Super Brand personnel perform independent technical reviews of sub-consultant designs. In addition to key site personnel we have selected for the coming Contracts, we are committing other Super Brand personnel and members of the new design sub consultant team to provide a secondary level of QC, much like the buddy system. Super Brand’s 3-phase testing, inspection and turnover process allows the continuous punch list of items created during the design and implementation to be formalized and documented in a manner that holds all levels of the organization accountable for remedying the situation in a timely manner. Final inspections are done with the project manager. During implementation, QC technicians also ensure that the parameters of the DQC Plan are followed. Reporting directly to the QC manager, these technicians’ entire role will be to follow up on and inspect the quality workmanship and maintenance of specifications. Our site engineers also work with this team, the project manager, foreman and superintendent to ensure that designs are implemented properly. This highly coordinated effort is a major part of our DQC Plan. This standard operating procedure includes formal tests and inspections. In brief, Super Brand has established a cadre of capable professionals who meld homegrown cultural sensitivity and western project management systems to deliver projects on time and within budget. We maintain an active, company-wide QC program and, to ensure that quality performance is achieved, we rely on the integrity of each employee, insist that our managers meet contractual requirements, place responsibility for quality with those who do the work, and undertake to assure through a system of independent technical and management reviews and continual quality improvement that we meet our commitments.


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